Robins Swing Sequence Script

This dance was arranged by Graham and Avril Watkins in 2017.

Commence in Normal Hold. Man facing Diagonal to Wall (Lady backing Diagonal to Wall). Lady dances normal opposite unless stated otherwise.

The script summary below is an aide memoire (not a full description) for those that have attended our class to learn the dance.

Script Summary

Bar 1 - LF Fwd Walk and Point (S,S)
Bar 2 - 4 to 6 Reverse Turn (S,Q,Q) to Face Diagonal to Centre
Bars 3-4 - Zig Zag (Grapevine) to Open Hold (Man Left Hand, Lady Right Hand) (S,S,S,S)

Bar 5 - Lock Step Along LOD (Q,Q,S)
Bar 6 - Lock Step Along LOD (Q,Q,S)
Bar 7 - New York Action (Check & Recover) (S,S)
Bar 8 - Chasse Left (Lady Right) Man Passing Behind Lady (Q,Q,S) (Take Right Hand to Left Hand Hold)

Bar 9 - Fwd Step Down LOD Turning Inwards & Step to Side (S,S) (Taking Left Hand to Right Hand Hold)
Bar 10 - Keep Turning and Step Back Down LOD and Point LF Back Without Weight (Lady RF) (S,S)
Bar 11 - LF Fwd (Lady RF) Walk Against LOD and Swing RF Fwd (Lady LF) (S,S)
Bar 12 - RF Back (Lady LF) Down LOD, LF Closes to RF, RF Fwd Against LOD (Q,Q,S)

Bar 13 - LF Fwd (Lady RF) Against LOD Turning Outwards and Replace Weight Fwd Down LOD (S,S)
Bar 14 - Keep Turning Inwards to Chasse Along LOD (Double Hand Hold) (Q,Q,S)
Bar 15 - RF Fwd (Lady LF) Down LOD and Turn Outwards, Replace Weight to LF Against LOD (Lady Right) (S,S)
Bar 16 - Keep Turning and Step to Side on RF (Lady LF) Against LOD & Close LF to RF Without Weight (Regain Closed Hold) Facing Diagonal to Wall (S,S)